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Meter Equipment and Installation

Water, electric and gas meters: touch pad, remote displays, fixed base radio frequency transmission systems.


Bill preparation of rent, fixed charges, utility calculations and consumption, monthly reports analysis (residents receive one bill for all charges). Delivery options are according to your individual business needs.

EDINET—Internet Account Access

State of the art interactive program. You have the ability to access real time data,immediate move out bills, management reports and resident bill/history.

Customer Service Call Center

Experienced liaison specialists handle resident customer billing inquiries.

Rate Updates

Ongoing rate verification and monitoring.

Training Support

Manager support for submission of monthly changes in occupancy, balances due.

Meter Reading and Consumption Monitoring

Manual, electronic and computerized read imports.

Leak Detection

Leak detection and customized metering solutions.

Real Time General Ledger Data

Import data directly into most property management accounting packages.

Data History Storage

Online access to billing history.